With ECO GAS®, your fuel continues to comply with applicable EU standards and is certified by UTAC, an independent French automotive certification body.


Legislation on fuels is clear: the composition of petroleum-based products for automotive use must meet the requirements and testing methods laid down by European Standards EN 590 (Diesel) and EN 228 (Petrol).


As part of vehicle and machinery warranties, manufacturers must guarantee that their vehicles comply with EN 590 and EN 228. ECO GAS® does not affect any mechanical parts and poses no risk to the engine, even if added in excessive quantities.

ECO GAS® is therefore compatible with all warranties provided by all manufacturers, including for rental vehicles.


ECO GAS® fits into your organisation’s wider strategy aimed at rationalising its operating costs.  It allows reductions in maintenance budgets, and most importantly helps optimise fuel consumption costs. In order to maximise the benefits obtained from our solution, it should ideally be adopted in tandem with other complementary initiatives, as part of a comprehensive, organised approach with measurable results. This is the thinking behind the “CO2 Target” charter for the transport industry. For more information.



For logistics operators in particular, ADEME recommends using a fuel additive in its “CO2 Target” charter.

In the road haulage industry, where fuel consumption is strategically important, ADEME has introduced the “CO2 Target” charter to encourage operators to commit to a different approach. Even companies that have not signed up to the charter or are not part of the road haulage industry can still apply the principles of the approach.

In all cases, using ECO GAS® is a sensible choice that goes hand in hand with other initiatives.


ECO GAS® is a regional or national partner to numerous industry federations in a variety of sectors: FNTR (goods transport), FNTV (passenger transport), CMF (maritime industry), FF3C (energy providers), FNEDT (rural and agricultural works federation), etc.



With over 200 references and more than 10,000 vehicles using its solutions, ECO GAS® is present among the biggest groups and a large number of SMEs. To see what our customers say about us, click here.

ECO GAS® solutions have been developed for use with all fuels: diesel, fuel-oil, unleaded 95 or 98, E10, E85, bioethanol, B30 or biodiesel.

ECO GAS® is also compatible with hybrid vehicles.

When an operator begins using ECO GAS®, it is important for them to be able to manage their fuel consumption. That means careful, accurate measurement. As with any action intended to cut consumption, the operator will then be able to put an exact figure on the results obtained, and confirm that they have made the right choice. In addition, it will enable them to:

  • Communicate internally on efforts to reduce costs and the organisation’s environmental footprint.
  • Communicate to customers, including as part of tenders.
  • Inform the general public about their actions.
  • Highlight the efforts they are making as part of their commitment to the “CO2 target” charter, if applicable.

In all cases, at ECO GAS® we are ready to help our customers analyse their fuel consumption, before and after adopting our solution.

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