ECO GAS® is the energy transition solution for green mobility for those who cannot or do not yet want to use next generation technologies (electric, NGVs, hydrogen, etc.).

the energy transition

It is an illusion to think that all of us will be able to take advantage of 100% “clean” energy right away. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ADEME, liquid fuels (including biofuels) compatible for use with ECO GAS® will still account for 75% of the energy used for transport in 2035.

However, ECO GAS® represents an opportunity to cut greenhouse gas emissions straight away by over 5%, while drastically reducing emissions of many of the most harmful pollutants (particles: -40%, NO2: -40%, NOx: -15%).

For many companies, overcoming their dependence on fossil fuel-based energy is a difficult prospect, and ECO GAS® is therefore an essential solution for years or decades to come.

In addition, with its easy implementation and the fact that it requires no investment, it would be a pity not to adopt it and help protect the environment.

a meaningful impact


The most problematic pollutants, especially in urban environments, are NOx and NO2, along with particles.  According to roller bench tests carried out by independent body LE MOTEUR MODERNE, ECO GAS® can have a very significant impact on reducing these pollutants, and thereby improving the quality of the air that we all breathe.  This is equally true for people working in factories, on worksites or in vehicles, and the whole population could feel the benefits if sufficient numbers of private and public organisations adopt ECO GAS®.



With 11 billion tonnes of emissions, oil accounts for 31% of all the CO2 produced worldwide every year.  According to measurements carried out by LE MOTEUR MODERNE (8.53% reduction in CO2), ECO GAS® could help make a “saving” of almost a billion tonnes of CO2.

Based on this finding, ECO GAS® was presented at COP 21 and included in the directory of solutions for “improving air quality”. ECO GAS® was also entered in the CRISALIDE competition, and was awarded second place in the “low-carbon mobility” category.

Measurements carried out by LE MOTEUR MODERNE:

  • Particles: -36.78%
  • NO2: -39.39%
  • NOx: -14.20%
  • NO: -11.35%
  • HC: -15.74%
  • NMHC: -17.53%
  • CO: -10.54%


In the road haulage industry, where fuel consumption is strategically important, ADEME has introduced the “CO2 target” charter to encourage operators to commit to a different approach. Even companies that have not signed up to the charter or are not part of the road haulage industry can still apply the principles of the approach.

In all cases, using ECO GAS® is a sensible choice that goes hand in hand with other initiatives.

Signatories to the “CO2 target” charter commit to take at least one action in each of the four key areas identified by ADEME:

  • Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Driver
  • Logistical organisation

ECO GAS®represents one of the possible solutions in the second of these categories

Companies are free to adopt specific actions suggested in the form of “action sheets”, or create their own if they are able to measure the impact on their fuel consumption. In most cases, the gains made by using ECO GAS® beat the standard 3% improvement suggested in action sheet n°3, so it is useful to measure the actual reduction in fuel consumption obtained. As part of our services, we can monitor your fuel consumption (link to Services), and this can be incorporated into fuel-side actions via action sheet n°4.

There are other essential measures that can be taken, and ECO GAS® can fit in seamlessly with them. For example, the savings made by using ECO GAS® can be combined with those provided by eco-driving courses. The improvements to power and torque brought by ECO GAS® will be even more beneficial if the driver adopts a rational driving style.  The ECF site in Montauban demonstrated this with one of its drivers, in testing on a HGV. Learn more


When an operator begins using ECO GAS®, it is important for them to be able to manage their fuel consumption. That means careful, accurate measurement. As with any action intended to cut consumption, the operator will then be able to put an exact figure on the results obtained, and confirm that they have made the right choice. In addition, it will enable them to:

  • Highlight the efforts they are making as part of their commitment to the ““CO2 target” charter, if applicable.
  • Communicate internally on efforts to reduce costs and the organisation’s environmental footprint.
  • Communicate to customers, including as part of tenders.
  • Inform the general public about their actions.

In all cases, at
ECO GAS® we are ready to help our customers analyse their fuel consumption, before and after adopting our solution.



To accurately measure the impact of each action taken, a schedule is needed. The impact of each measurement on consumption needs to be calculated precisely.

ECO GAS® has the advantage of being free of any major investment, unlike other actions such as replacing the fleet of vehicles or organising training programmes. In addition, ECO GAS® generates immediate ROI, with savings being made as soon as the fuel is used. Moreover, this action is particularly easy to pursue.

ECO GAS® is therefore the ideal solution for any business looking to embark on a global cost savings programme. The money saved can then be used to fund other actions.