ECO GAS ® is a global vehicle / fuel maintenance solution. It starts paying for itself right away by cutting fuel consumption, and could not be simpler to adopt. We have developed a range of complementary services to make life even easier for our customers.

Fuel consumption monitoring

To ensure every customer is able to get a clear picture of the savings they are making by using ECO GAS®, we monitor the fuel consumption of their fleet. This provides an accurate measurement of the fuel savings made, along with gains in terms of maintenance and environmental costs.

This monitoring service is designed to satisfy the requirements of the CO2 Target charter for transport and logistics operators , and can be provided over the long-term if necessary. Learn more

Please contact us for a preliminary study (link to Contact page).

Automated processing

The processing station is a proportional injection system designed to automatically supply a fuel loading line or hose with a mixture of fuel and ECO GAS.

Developed specially for ECO GAS, the processing station guarantees the correct dosage of solution for each tank refill, and ensures an optimum mixture, all without any human intervention required. It can be adjusted to suit any fuel flow rate or loading/unloading system. It can equip several inlet or outlet valves if necessary with a collector.

The processing station also sends email or SMS alerts to the customer and to our teams in the event that the amount of product drops below a certain level. Depending on the customer’s preference, we can arrange for the ECO GAS product to be topped up automatically when we receive the alert.


For customers using the ECO GASTraitement” or treatment version of our solution with regular maintenance, our teams can carry out maintenance operations by appointment, if your vehicles fleet is based in one location.


To determine tank and fuel status, it is best to carry out a preliminary analysis in advance. A sample kit will be provided to you, and the samples taken will then be analysed by an independent laboratory. A specific solution will then be recommended based on the findings, and we may even recommend cleaning the fuel tank.


ECO GAS  works with a number of partners to carry out tank cleaning and testing, and also fuel filtering operations.