ECO GAS Diesel 1L

128,00  153,60  TTC

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1 liter processes 4000 liters of fuel.

Can be used in tanks or directly in tanks.

Also available in 250mL, 5L, 60L and 210L

Improves dispersion of hydrocarbon molecules for better contact with oxygen and better combustion. Treats condensation water, bacteria and microorganisms. Cleans and keeps engines, tanks and tanks clean. Improves the lubrication of pumps and injectors.

Reduces fuel consumption. Increases the longevity of parts, including injectors, EGR and FAP valves. Reduces the consumption of AdBlue.

Significantly reduces emissions of harmful particles and gases. Reduces CO2 emissions.

1 liter processes 4000 liters of fuel.

Use with each full for permanent action on combustion and fuel efficiency.

Complies with the EN 590 standard recognized by all manufacturers.