ECO GAS® is a fuel additive developed in France in 2008 based on over 20 years’ experience in the field of chemistry. ECO GAS® is the result of an on-going research process aimed at increasing our customer’s profits, whilst reducing their environmental footprint.

Certified by UTAC and scientifically tested by independent bodies recommended by French Environment Agency ADEME, ECO GAS® is the energy transition solution for green mobility, designed for those who cannot or do not yet wish to make the switch to next generation technologies (NGVs, electric, etc.). With tens of thousands of our satisfied customers’ vehicles using our solutions, ECO GAS® is a key partner for professional federations in a range of industries.

ECO GAS® can reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs whilst significantly cutting all harmful emissions.
To obtain these results, ECO GAS® combines several technologies to produce a unique and innovative solution.

Whatever your fleet of vehicles or organisation, ECO GAS®  can work for you


With use, an engine inevitably becomes clogged leading to a loss of fuel economy. ECO GAS® works by helping to keep the engine clean, in particular the fuel supply and injection systems. This technology prevents excess fuel consumption caused by clogged engines. The savings made are sufficient to pay for the solution, making it a cost-neutral option.

In addition, ECO GAS® improves maintenance for modern engines, which are increasingly sensitive due to the high injection pressures used. In particular, our solution addresses the issue of new fuels containing more FAMEs (fatty acid methyl esters, especially rapeseed) and less sulfur.


The major innovation of ECO GAS® is its ability to improve fuel yields by ensuring an improved dispersal of hydrocarbon molecules.  Optimised combustion means drastically reduced emissions of particles and unburned matter, as proven by roller bench testing. The additional energy used generates an improved yield, and significantly lowers fuel consumption.

ECO GAS® also makes for cleaner fuel by dealing with the issue of water from condensation, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Overall, ECO GAS® optimises maintenance costs by reducing breakdowns, limiting clogging of EGR valves and particulate filters, and lowering the consumption of AdBlue.